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Resquad’s trusted us to carry out a rebranding program for the whole company, restructuring internal brands into a newly integrated system. Also, we where able to expand the branding into a physical space, where we team up with Architect Mariel Lozano. The store is located in Harajuku, a district in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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Sofia Palmero

Sofia Palmero is designed in the Mexican Caribbean but shipped to the entire world, a brand that is born surrounded by 450 kilometers of Mayan turquoise shores, and the second largest reef in the world; This is how we decided to reinterpret the enclosing paradise.

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Leon León is a French-Mexican company specializing in furniture and interior design, which began to work inspired by the iconic Acapulco chair. 

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Shake Up

“Shake up” it’s a vegan super food on powder special for those who don’t have the time to have breakfast everyday, but cares about their health.